Garo’Valia Moelleux 2019 (750ml)

Region 地區
IGP Côtes du Gascogne, France 加斯科涅, 法國

Location 地理位置
Located in the heart of the Gers department, the Côtes de Gascogne vineyard benefits from a temperate oceanic climate and from the terroirs of Terrefort and Boulbènes conducive to growing vines.

Grape Variety 葡萄品種*
60% Gros Manseng 大滿勝 and 40% Petit Manseng 小滿勝

Tasting Notes 酒評
A golden yellow with slightly orange-ish shade. It exhibits aromas of ripe fruits, like mango, fuji apple, and peach. The palate is full of honey-like sweetness with some floral notes. Very smooth and silky texture. 偏橙的金黃色,散發著成熟水果的香氣,如芒果、富士蘋果和蜜桃,口感充滿蜂蜜般的甜味和 花香,口感柔滑。

Food Pairing 配襯食品
Aperitif, delicate desserts, baked seafood with creamy sauce

Service 飲用溫度 : 16 - 18°C

Garo’Valia Moelleux 2019 (750ml)