Punto Rosa Brut Spumante 維多卡酒莊 紅點 玫瑰紅氣泡酒 (750ml)

Region 地區
Veneto, Italy 威尼托, 意大利

Grape Variety 葡萄種類
100% Pinot Noir 黑皮諾

Tasting Notes 酒評
This award winning wine is a must for lovers of sparkling wines. The sparkling fermentation takes place in state of the art equipment for three months, during which the noble yeasts give some complexity to the wine. Attractive pale salmon on the eye, with fragrant notes of berries. Richness is nicely supported by wonderful exuberance. 這款屢獲殊榮的葡萄酒是氣泡酒愛好者的必備之選。 三個月的氣泡發酵使葡萄酒更有複雜性。誘人的三文魚粉紅色,帶有漿果的芬芳香氣,味道豐富。

Food Pairing 配襯食品
Delicate and excellent alongside regional dishes, light meats and fish such as salmon. 各式前菜、白肉、魚類

Service 飲用溫度 : To be served chilled 冷藏飲用

Punto Rosa Brut Spumante 維多卡酒莊 紅點 玫瑰紅氣泡酒 (750ml)